At your side every step of the way

With Seed Up, you will be worry-free and can dedicate your efforts to your project. You will save time, which is essential in managing a startup, from the day your business is launched until you start raising capital.

Our experience has demonstrated that an appropriate legal structure and well-prepared documentation add solid value to your startup.

Stratégie juridique

Legal strategy

Together, we determine your legal strategy.

  • Analysis of the business model and legal feasibility
  • Identification of key strategic points
  • Matrix of legal requirements
  • Innovative fee model
Accompagnement opérationnel

Day-to-day assistance

Our legal documents meet the highest standards.

  • Creation of the business and relations between shareholders
  • Human resources
  • Capital raising
  • Corporate Secretariat
  • Legal assistance

The startup’s legal requirements at each stage of development

Gestion des fondateurs, actionnaires et associés

Management of founders, shareholders and partners

You created your startup with a partner you met during your studies. After nine months of work on the project, your partner decides to leave the company and create a new one that will rival yours! He also refuses to sell his shares in your startup, so you can’t make any decisions!

We can help you avoid these situations that can suddenly disrupt your startup’s operations. Relations with your partners must be carefully structured from the first day of business to prevent future difficulties.

La documentation juridique

Legal documents

You’re busy every minute of the day with your startup. And at night, too. You don’t have time to draft an employment agreement for your intern. And even less time to declare the intern to your insurer! And, for that matter, is the intern entitled to vacation if he’s paid by the hour?

We will provide you with a kit of basic documents, compiled over time as we have assisted startups like yours. This saves time. And reduces your risks.

L’intéressement de vos collaborateurs

Employee profit-sharing

As a founder, you want your employees to share in the (future) success of your startup. A friend who created his own startup told you about his terrible experience, however. The tax authorities went after his employees without any warning! And a former colleague who was dismissed is still a shareholder and uses his power to disrupt operations…

Profit-sharing is an excellent way to reward your employees and motivate them to ensure the success of your startup. There are many pitfalls, however. We will provide you with useful advice on how to structure a profit-sharing plan (e.g. the choice of remuneration, the taxation strategy, the buyback of shares from departing employees).

La préparation à l’entrée d’un investisseur

Preparing for a new investor-shareholder

Your startup has signed its first major client! Well, not quite. Although this client pays on time for your services, the contract you sent its legal department months ago has still not been signed. And an important investor may be coming on board.

When a startup is created, all of your time is taken up and contractual relations with your clients seem secondary as long as they pay for your services or products on time. This is not an investor’s point of view, however. If you don’t have a validly signed contract with your largest client, he could seriously reconsider his intention to invest in your startup.

We will provide the assistance you need to prepare your company for the arrival of a new investor, whether in negotiating with your clients or in ensuring impeccable documentation is in place with a view to potential due diligence. And we will provide these corporate administrative services throughout the life of your startup.

La préparation à l’entrée d’un investisseur

Intellectual property and the legal feasibility of a product

It’s happening! Your startup is ready! Your photo processing software will be presented to specialized investors tomorrow. And you have maximized your chances by banking on Swiss quality: the software will be called SwissPics! But you have a terrible thought in the night… I s your software protected by copyright? And are you really entitled to call it “SwissPics”?

We will advise you on intellectual property matters to reduce the risks of litigation, which may interrupt your activities and ultimately close your business. Standard checks must be carried out before your products are developed and then sold.

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